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Understanding Senate Bill 1718

we understand how stressful immigration processes can be, especially if you or a loved one is detained by immigration enforcement. An essential part of our job as your trusted immigration attorney is to guide you through these scenarios, one of which could involve something called an immigration bond. But what exactly is this bond, and why is it important?

Decoding Immigration Bonds

Think of an immigration bond as your ticket to freedom while your immigration case is being processed. If you’re detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and sent to removal proceedings, you would typically need to stay in detention until the procedure concludes. However, an immigration bond allows you to live outside of detention during this period.

Essentially, an immigration bond is a form of bail for detained immigrants. It’s a contract between you and the federal government, guaranteeing that you will appear at all your immigration hearings. It’s a way to ensure your compliance with the legal process while providing you the dignity and comfort of not being detained.

The Cost of an Immigration Bond

The cost of immigration bonds can vary greatly. The minimum starts around $1,500, but it can escalate to hundreds of thousands of dollars based on individual cases. Several factors are considered when determining the bond amount, including your immigration history, employment status, criminal record, family ties in the U.S., and whether you’re deemed a flight risk.

It’s important to note that this amount must be paid in full and in cash. While this might seem daunting, the bond is refundable if you meet all immigration court obligations, including appearing at all scheduled court hearings.

Our Role in the Immigration Bond Process

Navigating through the immigration bond process can be challenging and complex. As your immigration attorney, we at the American Dream Law Office are here to guide you every step of the way. We can represent you during your bond hearing, make compelling arguments for why you should be released, and help ensure that the bond is set at a fair amount.

Immigration matters often come with a lot of uncertainties and stress. Understanding concepts like immigration bonds is crucial to easing some of this strain. Remember, you don’t have to face these challenges alone. We are here to help.

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